IT Operations Management Solution

This delivers end-to-end enterprise service assurance performance monitoring and event management. It helps IT operations teams correlate, analyze, and prioritize event data to focus on business-critical issues. Also help organizations detect and address performance abnormalities before they impact the business. It automatically learns the behavior of your infrastructure, telling you what’s normal, and only issues alerts when behavior needs attention.

This helps you focus on the events that matter most to IT and the business. Cuts cost by eliminating the need to manage thousands of traditional, static thresholds for event generation.

Reduces false alarms and associated incidents by up to 90 percent, minimizes the need to manually define, configure, and maintain correlation rules and policies. Groups events for better visibility by role, geography, or technology. Get instant insight into the performance of applications and the behavior of users with real and synthetic end-user experience management. These solutions create dynamic environment that satisfies the needs of both IT users and business users. With such an envi­ronment, IT can keep the data center running in optimal way, closely aligning IT resources with the needs of the business.

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