Nimble Enterprise Storage Solution

The Astronomical Increase In The Volume Of Data Collected, Stored And Recovered By organizations around the world over the past few decades is unprecedented and the ability to access and analyze this data is quickly becoming more and more complicated. IDC Estimates that by 2020, business transactions on the internet- business-to-business and business-to-consumer – will reach 450 billion per day

Every organisation engage in day-to-day activities that will drive productivity and this has direct effect on the amount of data generated and stored. What every organisation needs to be able to perform optimally is a storage solution that delivers extreme simplicity in its storage architecture and has a unique patented file system which takes the performance and capacity scaling challenges that traditional devices suffer from; also, Its Infosight data analytics must be far ahead of any solution prior seen to this time.

Nimble provides dynamic scalability to support changing requirements and meet business continuity demands and in 3 minutes, you will see how the Nimble Storage solution will help you:
• reduce cost
• eliminate complexity
• streamline management
• Deliver extraordinary value to your business.

Nimble Storage is the fastest growing storage company with over 10,000 customers and over 21,000 arrays installed worldwide. Nimble helps customers deploy full-featured, high-performance storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions at a fraction of the price of traditional or all-flash storage solutions.
Nimble Storage is transforming the datacentre to provide greater performance, capacity, data protection, reliability, and ease of use – all at a lower total cost of ownership.
Nimble Storage’s adaptive flash technology allows you to independently scale performance OR capacity to meet the needs of your environment. The platform includes the ability to deliver an all-flash service level for applications with stringent requirements around responsiveness, an auto-flash service level for mainstream applications, and a disk-only service level for applications requiring low-cost capacity, all within a single storage platform.


  • Unparalleled performance and capacity efficiency:
    Compared to traditional storage solutions, Nimble delivers up to 920,000 IOPS, using 90% less rack space and virtually zero downtime
  • Better backups and DR:
    Backups, snapshots and production data reside on the same array, for instantaneous data recovery allowing for up to 3 months of frequent snapshots stored on a single array.

  • Stress-Free operations:
    Even IT generalists can manage a full-featured storage solution thanks to Nimble Storage’s unique storage lifecycle management experience. Nimble Storage Infosight™ integrates, automates, and substantially simplifies storage administrative tasks, ensuring the optimal health of all Nimble Storage arrays.
  • Smart Stack Pre-Validated Reference Architectures:
    By testing and validating combined solutions with best-of-breed partners, Smart Stack helps organizations accelerate deployment and eliminate the risk associated with deploying solutions in the datacentre. Organizations can confidently deploy the best solution stack for server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), business critical applications, and data protection.


ATB Techsoft Solution has deployed Enterprise Storage Solution to various companies like: Leadway Assurance (A converged infrastructure using Nimble Storage with Cisco UCS), Cornerstone Insurance (Standalone Storage Consolidation using Nimble Storage), Vodacom Nigeria (Converge Infrastructure using Hitachi Storage and Cisco UCS), IHS (Servers and Enterprise Document Management Solution), NNLG (Enterprise Document Management, Email Consolidation).

Market recognition:
The latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for General Purpose Disk Arrays places Nimble Storage ahead of everyone in “Completeness of Vision” and solidly in the “Leaders” category for “Ability to Execute.” 

Read the Gartner report and learn the 3 key reasons Nimble has made such a positive impression with its Flash storage vision and Predictive Analytics capabilities.

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