Percepto BI – Business Intelligence and Reporting System

PerceptoBI is a business intelligence solution that provides browser-based visual analytics that anyone can use at just a fraction of the cost of typical BI software. With just a few clicks, you can publish or embed live, interactive graphs, dashboard and reports with current data automatically customized to the needs of everyone across your organization.

It deploys in minutes and users can produce thousands of reports without the need of IT services — all within your IT infrastructure.

Unlimited Data Sources Connect to any data source securely – whether on-premise or in the cloud. Work with popular enterprise data sources like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and more. Use our web data connector and APIs to access hundreds more data sources.
Security your way Whether you use Active Directory, Kerberos, OAuth, or another standard—PerceptoBI seamlessly integrates with your existing security protocols. Maintain the security of your database with pass-through data connection permissions and row-level filtering. Keep users and content secure with multi-tenancy options and fine-grained permissions control.
Flexible deployment Whether you’re keeping your data on-premise or in the cloud, PerceptoBI gives you the flexibility to integrate into your existing data infrastructure. Deploy on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other cloud Platforms
Powerful monitoring and management The PerceptoBI platform is easy to deploy, scale, and monitor. Easily track and manage content, users, licenses, and performance. Quickly manage permissions for data sources and content and monitor usage visually. Scale up and out when you’re ready.
Integrate Insights into your workflow PerceptoBI integrates seamlessly with Ultiflux Business Process Management Software. However, you can still integrate with other Business Process Management Systems and Workflow Automation tools such as Documentum, SharePoint, etc.
We are continuously Innovating PerceptoBI’s Innovation cycle is constantly moving. We invest in R&D and update our software meet current and future trends.
  • Achieve a lot with Minimal Coding
  • Leverage the power of the database with optimized query performance
  • Meets varying needs and organisations
  • Helps you view and understand data easily.