RevAssure – Revenue Collection System

RevAssure is a comprehensive solution for the electronic collection of Fees, Taxes and Custom Duties. It serves as a means to achieve a cashless environment via the introduction of Virtual Funds and automates all revenue collection processes, allowing organisations to exploit the full capabilities of the technology to transform its services to the public.

  • Accept and record all types of payments and collections from taxes, fees and charges from revenue generating operations and economic enterprises, such as real property and business permits and licensing taxes and fees.
  • Accept and record all types of non-income receipts, payments and collections from local and external income sources
  • Generate online and real time accountable collection reports.
  • Record of General Collection
  • Quarterly report on Collection of Business Taxes, Fees and Charges and Economic Enterprises.
  • Record and maintain histories on tax payments and non-tax receipts.
  • Reducing and eliminating fraud, theft and errors that are usually associated with cash transactions.
  • Using State-Of-The-Art Technology will provide a high technological effect and impact on both employees and clients elevating morals and enhancing the work environment.
  • Providing security and confidentiality
  • Elimination of cash management
  • Avoiding Human Errors.
  • Eliminate the usage of stamps and paper work