StorFront – Retail Management System

The POS module is a suite that manages all processes from customer’s orders to delivery of products or service to the customer. This application integrates with the inventory (which ensures automatic reduction of inventory items as products are purchased), sales and payment modules.

  • Hardware Integration: Ability to integrate with POS registers, barcode scanners and cash vaults.
  • Speedy Product Lookup: Query products by name or code, scan barcodes, or select items from inventory list to add them to the transaction.
  • Suspend Sale: Place sales on hold and reopen at later time for speedy checkout. Add product. Add or edit products not found in the system on the fly right at POS.
  • Value Added Tax support
  • Inventory management module integration
  • The module also integrates with the Sales and Payment Management module.
  • Provides Customer Loyalty reward schemes through integration with the CRM Module.
  • Integrated Payments: Our POS management module provides secure payment processing platforms through integration with payment gateways by connecting to the general ledger.
  • Point of sale systems simplify the accounting process. Old fashioned cash registers force accountants to sort through hundreds of receipts, but with a point of sale system financial personnel can simply use the built in reports or create their own.
  • Unlike a cash register, a point of sale system often includes an overall inventory management system. Store owners can use a point of sale system to track their biggest sellers and reorder those products when stock gets low.
  • It enables you to look up past transactions on a real time basis.
  • You can use a point of sale system to create your own purchase orders, eliminating an extra step in the ordering process. You can even automate the ordering process to make sure you never run out of your hottest selling products.