UltiFlux – Business Process Management System

A highly flexible and configurable Business Process Automation System. Built on the Dynamo Development Framework.

Document Management

Ultiflux can enable you easily locate and manage documents and reduce compliance infractions with the ability to automatically classify content upon creation. Your organization can easily manage document access, permissions, monitor and report, on document usage, and automate document lifecycle management.


Ultiflux Provides Fully Integrated and long proven security including Object Level Security, permissions, Authentication, Authorization, Auditing and Encryption

Integration with PerceptoBI for Analytics

Ultiflux integrate seamlessly with PerceptoBI to generate actionable reporting and dashboards to present information to managers and decision makers.

Data Export

Ultiflux enable you export data in multiple common formats including excel, word, PDF etc.

Unlimited Business Process Management

With Ultiflux you can tie Business Process to user roles and Align internal and cross-organizational processes to reduce confusion and increase consistency, giving you Increased control & visibility.

Enterprise Search

Use the powerful Ultiflux search engine to quickly find the right information among workflows and associated documents

Highly Extensible and Customizable

Extensibility is an essential requirement for business transformation. Ultiflux provides broad capabilities to easily incorporate disparate repositories, data stores and enterprise applications whether behind a firewall or in the cloud. The Ultiflux platform employs open and standard technologies to ease the challenges of integration. Ultiflux has been tested in various sectors and industries with great success with the ability to fully customize the platform to suit company’s business processes. Ultiflux is also able to handle the most complex field input with its extendable Field Formula computation capabilities. This includes integrations via web service to handle complex computations.

Get Efficient in a few steps.

Ultiflux has been built to enable organizations automate their processes without being a programmer. You can increase your speed and efficiency in a few steps!

Not just Efficiency, Effectiveness!

Monitor required tasks, check approvals and completion statuses across all projects. Provide users with a forward view of workflows that will involve them, allowing better planning and prioritization of work.

Increased speed & efficiency

Specify routing, editing and approval steps, and the associated timelines to create a fast, efficient process and reduce administrative delay. Get up and running quickly with customizable template workflows developed with industry input and experience