UltiProcure – Procurement and Purchase Management System

Our Procurement & Purchase Management system is designed around how sourcing and procurement professionals really work, allowing you to switch fluidly between all related tasks – be it creating requisitions, hosting sourcing events, authoring new contracts, checking for supplier compliance, or managing invoices and payments. It streamlines all your source–to-pay processes and collates all the relevant information in one place to help you make informed spending management decisions.

Purchase order management

  • Purchase Request Processing
  • Purchase order approval
  • Manage purchase returns
  • Raise debit advice on return
  • Process collection on return debit advice
  • Vendor invoice upload

Delivery Management

  • Receiving Goods
  • Back Order Management
  • Payment Voucher Requisition
  • Voucher Approval Management
  • Payout Management

Quotation Management

  • Upload Quotations/Pricelist from Vendors
  • View Quotations

Automatic reorder points

  • Define automatic inventory item reorder points per location in a snap. Using the maximum stock level requirement settings, you can assign the reorder point, order quantity, minimum order quantity and maximum on-hand values.

Assign serial numbers on receipt of goods

  • Out sales and procurement tracking system manages a vast amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued.

Assign expiration dates

  • Easily assign items with expiration dates after the order is invoiced.
  • Items with expiration dates can be entered or sold randomly or sequentially.
  • Easily view the current status of any item including expiry dates.

Other features

  • Efficient Vendor Management
  • Flexible purchase report generation
  • Reports include Low Stock Notification and Inventory to Order
  • Ease of administration and potential long-term cost savings.
  • Vendor Follow Up.
  • More efficient business operations.