UltiStore – Inventory and Warehousing System

Our Inventory Management solution is a back office solution designed to help you run a profitable retail business. Our software meets the order processing, purchasing, inventory management, marketing and accounting requirements of today’s multi-channel merchant operation. We offer a fully integrated retail POS module. Our customers have successful integrations with multiple web platforms, Mobile App’s and Scanning Solutions.

Real-time inventory tracking

  • Automated feedback system for monitoring inventory even between different stores and locations.


  • Automatic purchase order generation based on historical data
  • Process receipts of good for existing purchase orders
  • Easy access to purchase order status report

Inventory control

  • Composite barcode parsing
  • Inventory Categories
  • Inventory imports or exports

Audit trail tracking

  • You have the ability to capture transactional activities along with the people who carried them out and at what time it was done.

Contact management

  • Consumer tracking
  • Customer transaction drill down
  • Vendors transaction drill down

Other Features

  • Barcode scanning and printing
  • Multiple Unit of measurement
  • Multi-Currency
  • Easy import and export of data
  • Assemble products from bill of material
  • Item tracking
  • Full movement history
  • Automatic stock reorder
  • Print or email purchase order
  • Real-time transactions
  • Report generation
  • Export reports in excel or pdf format
  • Determining and controlling the levels of stock needed for optimal profit.
  • It helps increase speed, accuracy, accountability and mobility in all the operations and processes within a business.
  • Boosting efficiency in the supply chain and reducing costs and waste.