UltiUMS – Utility Management System

UltiUMS is a powerful module for tracking your organization’s energy costs, utility costs and usage. UltiUMS consolidates pertinent information about your meters, transformers, rate schedules, and historical data. Based on this data, your staff can compare relevant information against actual recorded amounts and budgeted costs to determine variances for investigation. Easily track data about locations, energy and services consumption, and information about billings from a single database.

For budgeting purposes, UltiUMS allows you to establish multiple accounts and service locations for each service type and deduct actual billings from the accounts throughout the year. In addition, easily allocate utility and service costs based on usage, and charge to appropriate departments and buildings.

Quickly and easily generate monthly billing invoices for services rendered. Invoices can encompass multiple buildings, locations within buildings or multiple departments (occupants).  Most importantly, UltiUMS provides you with a variety of pre-formatted reports and graphs to give you a clear understanding of your utilities and services usage and expenses.

  • Integrated Metering System
  • Customer information database
  • Integrated Billing System
  • Mobility
  • Flexible Payment Model (Prepaid/Post Paid) built into the System
  • Maintain a fully integrated database of your Customers, facilities, buildings, departments, and utility usage
  • Manage multiple utility and service contractors, including multiple rate structures
  • Record regular charges, fees, taxes, and adjustments for utilities and services, including demand and peak period surcharges
  • Compare budgeted amounts with actual utility and services consumption throughout the year to monitor and make necessary budgetary adjustments
  • Track seasonal and other adjustments for consumption projections
  • Calculate the average energy consumption per day
  • Manage your minimum service charges at any point in time
  • Easily analyze meter data
  • Record and budget multiple utilities and services, including electricity, water, waste disposal, recycling, and other service types
  • Graph budgets for each type of utility or service against actual usage and expenditures
  • Track and manage maximum charges regardless of billed demand
  • Use numerous utility and service reports on all aspects of utility equipment, usage, and costs
  • Create consolidated usage invoices for multiple buildings, locations, or departments (occupants) within your organization