The world rests completely on information gathering, manipulation and dissemination – this cuts across individual, business and government relations.

Why should ATB Techsoft be trusted with this vital aspect of your operations?Because we are experts at what we do and are passionate about your success.


All projects contracted to ATB Techsoft are executed using standard project management methodologies cycle that has at its core continuous communication with the client to ensure that expectations are managed and deliverables achieved within the stipulated time. We initiate, plan, control, and execute projects, and close with a post-implementation review.

Ensuring project’s timely completion to the satisfaction of stakeholders is our core value and this attribute is demonstrated by our team, both onsite and off-site. It is also evident in our world-class post-deployment support.


ATB Techsoft main assets are our highly skilled, tested and specially trained professionals who have the requisite hands-on experience in the design of IT systems and processes. Our experience cuts across various areas of disciplines of business management. We take special pride in quality of human resource that make up the ATB Techsoft Team.


  • Customized and client-specific solutions to business problems
  • Continuous research and constant development
  • Excellent client service
  • New partnerships with relevant global OEMs